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A DEVELOPMENT activist Wesley Miyanda has described the inauguration speech by President Hakainde Hichilema as one that inspires hope in the minds of many Zambians.

Mr Miyanda said the President tackled a number of issues most of which were centred on actualising ultimate development across the 10 provinces, to fullfil the main agenda of turning Zambia into the nation of abundant prosperity.

He said the President repeatedly stated that the landslide victory of the UPND over the former ruling party was dedicated to all Zambians, especially the youths who turned out to vote in large numbers’

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Mr Miyanda told the Daily Nation in Kitwe that it was a well known fact that the main role of each government that came was not to put food on people’s tables or dish out resources freely to the citizens, but to create an enabling environment for both informal and formal sectors.

“We saw the President imploring all Zambians to jump on the wagon of developmental evolution so as to accomplish the planned undertakings.

“Yes, the road ahead of us may not be without challenges, but with relentless efforts, patience and determination of all well meaning Zambians, the dreams of a better Zambia, full of job and business opportunities for all shall be realised,” he said.

He said the UPND government was expected to promote unity in diversity and ensure respect for the fundamental human rights and freedoms for all.

He said the running an all-inclusive diversified economy free of caderism and corruption was the most fascinating and heart soothing one.

Mr Miyanda said Zambians wanted to see the new government fulfilling it’s mandate of involving all citizens in key sectors such as agriculture by making inputs available and affordable to the farming community.

He added that all arms of government such as the judiciary, public institutions and investigative wings such as the Anti-Corruption Commission, Electoral Commission of Zambia and all public media institutions should be given total autonomy, so there should be no political interference of any kind.

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