OUT-GOING President Edgar Lungu has said he will ensure there is peace even as he is preparing to leave the Presidency and that he has informed President-elect to calm down his members. President Lungu however said some PF members were still hiding in the bush, fearing to be harassed in the aftermath of the August 12 elections.

He was speaking at the burial of late Northwestern province Chairman, Jackson Kungo in Solwezi. President Lungu said a lot of PF members were still hiding for fear of being killed by political opponents. “Some are in Lusaka under the protection of the party PF while others are hiding in the bush and have vowed never to go back to their hometowns until their safety is guaranteed,” President Lungu said. President Lungu said it was unfortunate that Zambia had started experiencing terrorism under the disguise of democracy which he said should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians. He described the political violence that led to the death of Mr Kungo as an act of terror.

Mr Kungo was on Thursday 12 August killed in cold blood in a broad daylight by political cadres at Kyawama secondary school in Solwezi. President Lungu stated that it was inhuman to kill, beat, instil fear and displace people over politics. He stated that what is being experienced in the country is not the democracy which was invisioned by Dr Kaunda and Dr Chiluba in 1991 during the introduction of multiparty system.

 “I told the President elect Hakainde Hichilema point blank when I met him that UNIP last for 27 years, but what sent them down was violence, MMD last for 20 years and what brought them down was violence. We, The PF have lasted for 10 years and what has brought us down is violence. “The UPND will be lucky if they will last for over five years because of the violence that has started being perpetrated by our colleagues,” he said.

President Lungu said he has seen trending videos showing the harassment of police officers, ordinary citizens, torture of PF members, destruction of property among others by UPND members. He assured the President[1]elect that he would work with him within the confines of law in ensuring that country was safe.

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