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PRESIDENT-ELECT Hakainde Hichilema must not entertain any form of witchhunting from UPND cadres but concentrate on fulfilling his campaign promises to improve the lives of Zambians, Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Copperbelt provincial coordinator Poster Jumbe has said.

Hichilema who had emphasized that he would not pursue politics of retribution, must ensure that his cadres do not engage in witchhunting and taking the law into their hands because doing do would worsen the divisions in the country In an interview in Kitwe, Mr Jumbe said Mr Hichilema must continue to preach against revenge and retribution, but emphasize dialogue and reconciliation.

Mr Jumbe said Mr Hichilema’s statement on Monday had brought hope to Zambians who were eagerly waiting to see that his words were put into practice. “President Hichilema’s speech on Monday was inspirational because it was aimed at promoting forgiveness and reconciliation, but it is unfortunate that some people want to use social media to incite the President-elect to engage in witch hunting and vengeance “This is why I am urging our President elect not to entertain such thoughts but instead stick to his earlier statement.

Zambians are in dire need of employment, good health and education standards which he should work on. Retribution and vegeance will only serve to further divide the country, ” Mr Jumbe said.

Mr Jumbe urged Zambians to develop a good work culture and embrace the culture of entrepreneurship especially now when the world was moving from formal economy to informal economy. He said Zambians must contribute towards achieving economic recovery and national development through hard worker and utilizing opportunities given to them. “As we celebrate the election of Mr Hichilema, we should not think things will automatically improve, but we should know that hard work is the only way to economic recovery and national development.

 “Government can only facilitate economic recovery but as citizens, let us grasp opportunities and put them to good use. We should engage government on how best we think the agriculture, mining and tourism sectors will develop and benefit us. From there we should now take it upon ourselves, “he said.

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