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Dear editor,
Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the President elect was declared winner on Monday August 16, 2021. This follows the August 12, 2021 general election in which the United Party for National Development (UPND) emerged victorious.

Hichilema, the President elect garnered 2,810,757 votes, beating his closest rival, president Edgar Chagwa Lungu of the Patriotic Front (PF) who polled 1,814,201 votes.

The United Party for National Development campaigned on the premise of revamping the country’s economy by ensuring that the prices of goods and services are reduced and the creation of employment opportunities particularly for the youths.

The huge turnout on the polling day across the country was a clear testimony that the electorate were geared for change of the Patriotic Front regime. On this score, let me hasten to state here that people are too expectant of the new government to deliver on its campaign promises.

Truth be told; the cost of living in Zambia is too high to cope with. High levels of unemployment is another challenge the country is grappling with. The tertiary learning institutions have been churning graduates in different professions every year. The unfortunate part is that there have been little or no job opportunities available.

However, the future for many people is bleak because of high poverty levels and high unemployment levels. In view of this, there is need for the new government to address the many challenges the country is faced with. That said, I implore the new regime under the leadership of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to fulfill the ruling party’s mandate of revamping the economic fortunes of the country through job creation as promised by UPND during the political campaigns.

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