DR Nevers Sekwila Mumba and his henchmen should know that MMD is not for auction to the highest bidder and that this is a movement whose tenets are embedded in its constitution, immediate past national mobilisation chairperson, Sylvia Nawa, has said.
Ms Nawa said the outgoing Chief Executive Officer of the party and mandated by the constitution to deal with the smooth running of the party, had decided to close the NEC platform until they normalised the flow of information.

She told a press briefing yesterday that as former President of the Party, Dr Mumba had no power to drag MMD into an alliance with any party because such critical decisions could only be endorsed by the highest organ of the party which was the National Convention and his mandate, functions and powers ended on the of May 25, 2022 and therefore anything he was doing after that date was masquerading and illegal.
Ms Nawa said they extended their gratitude to President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for gracing the 11th memorial service of the party’s founding and second Republican President Dr. Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba but was shocked as a Party, that Dr Mumba failed to attend the memorial even though he knew the Head of State would be the guest of honour.
“Yes, his tenure of office has come to an end, but attending the memorial of the founding party president, was not only important but respectful to the founder president and the party at large,” she said.
In the meantime, Ms Nawa said, as the country was remembering their beloved late President, Dr Mumba and his minions were busy getting “Kaloba” to transport three unsuspecting provincial leaders from Eastern, Southern and Western provinces to Lusaka. She said Dr. Mumba needed to honourably step down and retire from politics in peace, or if he wished to continue, move to his new catch love, the UPND in his individual capacity and not claiming to be MMD President.
And speaking at the same event, former cabinet minister, Guston Sichilima, said there was no one in MMD with locus standing to masquerade as a leader of the party as there was a Court injunction against that Convention which has never been discharged.
Mr Sichilima said that the UPND Government had been preaching Rule of Law but wondered how they could be embracing Dr. Mumba in the name of the Alliance while he was raping the MMD party Constitution.
An effort to get a comment from Dr Mumba or his deputy Pastor Sambo could not be reached as phones were not answered.


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