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Persons with disabilities ponder forming a party

Persons with disabilities ponder forming a party


PERSONS living with disabilities have hinted to form their own political party if politicians continue segregating against their participation in decision-making and the affairs of the country.

Global Pan Africanism Network International Disability Special Rapporteur of people of African descent with disabilities, Francis Chishala, said persons with disabilities were only remembered during the campaign period and forgotten once elections are won.

Similarly, Mr Chishala said, even in decision making, his members were always left out and decisions made without their participation.

Mr Chishala said therefore appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema to include two or more from the marginalized people in society into his cabinet.

He noted that it was important for the President to consider giving a chance to people with disabilities in his government.

Mr Chishala said the President should reserve some nominated ministerial positions for the appointment of people living with disabilities as they were marginalised.

He noted that increasing political inclusion was a cross cutting objective for his organisation.

Mr Chishala added that democracy was more likely to develop and endure when all segments of a society were free to participate and influence political outcomes without suffering bias or reprisal.

However, he said, in many new and emerging democracies, large portions of the population were excluded from politics based on their ethnicity, religion, age, disability and gender.

He said his organisation would work to increase participation of such groups so they could have a voice in the political process and achieve a greater level of equality, understanding that political participation.

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