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IT’S unfortunate that some bus drivers have continued harassing other drivers considered to be from other political parties and police should move in and arrest culprits, Capital Buses proprietor Ishmael Kankara has said.

Commenting on the continued harassment of bus drivers by some suspected cadres, Mr Kankara said that the minister of Local government and Housing has clarified on the matter but it is a pity that some drivers are being harassed.

He said that every person has the right to belong to a political party of their choice.

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Mr Kankara said that the police should arrest anyone found wanting because the government has made a directive not to harass anyone regardless of their political affiliation.

Some bus drivers had been chased from bus stations in Lusaka by the UPND cadres, forcing others to seek protection from the court.

The Lusaka Magistrates Court ordered that Kulima Tower was a public facility available for use by all citizens and granted an interim order restraining four minibus drivers from restricting  others from carrying out any activities at the bus station.

Local government minister Garry Nkombo advised all bus drivers chased from bus stations like Kulima Tower Bus Station and being harassed by other drivers to report to his office.

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