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ELECTED leaders should do what they were voted for or they risk being voted out, Chief Katyetye of the Tambo people of Isoka has said.

Chief Katyetye said it was important for elected leaders to understand why they were voted into office.

He said elected leaders should ensure they put their  ambitions aside and serve the people who elected them.

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Meanwhile, Chief Katyetye has urged the  new Isoka Town Council to prioritise rehabilitation of feeder roads  and bridges to easy movement of agricultural commodities.

Speaking after being sworn as one of the Councillors, Chief Katyetye said some feeder roads were in a bad state making the transportation of agricultural produce to the market  difficult.

Chief Katyetye urged newly elected councillors to work towards improving the welfare of people who elected them other than selfish interest.

He said it was important for the council to repair broken  down road equipment  to easy road maintenance in the district.

He advised that Constituency Development Fund in Isoka should be  allocating reasonable funds  for  fuel to go towards road maintenance programme.

Chief Katyetye said he would work with the local authority and the central government in uplifting  the livelihood of the people.

Meanwhile, newly elected Isoka Town Council chairperson Arredy  Silwimba said he would run an open door  policy that allows  members of public to engage with his office.

Mr Silwimba said the local authority will with work members of the general public to enhance service delivery.

Fourteen  Isoka  Town  Council members took the oath of office before   Isoka magistrates    Musa Chanda and Lawrence Bwali.

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