THE UPND government will not easily fulfil its pledge of creating more jobs in the country because most African countries are grappling with the effects of Covid-19.

Renowned academician and former Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption

Commission Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba said that despite promising people that they would create jobs it would not be easy because the pandemic had made it hard.

Professor Lumumba, who delivered a lecture at Eden University in Lusaka, said no African economy would grow in the manner it desired in the next five years.

He said UPND leaders might have promised free education but that they would face challenges due to the ravaging pandemic.

“This administration comes at a difficult time when they have promised jobs and it is not going to be easy to create them,” he said.

Prof Lumumba said the promises the current government made to Zambians prior to the elections may not be attained within the stipulated timeframe and that there would be a backlash from the opposition.

He also said that African politics had been turned into an industry that was being used to enhance and enrich a few politicians at the expense of citizens Prof Lumumba said in Africa, a minister instantly became a multi-millionaire once they took office because it had been turned into a business venture.

He said it was also a common trend that most leaders found themselves with a bloated cabinet because of trying to gratify their allies.

“Most leaders have serious predicaments because a friend will come to them to ask for a position and you will find that from 26 the number will swell to almost 50 cabinet ministers,” Prof Lumumba said.

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