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FORMER President Edgar Lungu was fought by some bigger Western forces who managed to compromise the entire government system resulting in his downfall because of his tough stance against homosexuality, Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) president Robert Mwanza has said.

Mr Mwanza said Mr Lungu’s loss in the August 12 elections was mainly as a result of betrayal by those who surrounded him.

He said in an interview that in as much as cadrerism and economic factors could have contributed to the election loss, Mr Lungu’s stance against homosexuality unsettled some Western countries who secretly sponsored his betrayal.

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Mr Mwanza said the security and government system was infiltrated by elements sponsored by the Western countries.

He said the West was bent on ensuring that there was regime change in an effort to usher in a government that might have a different stance on their cause.

Mr Mwanza said Western countries managed to get Mr Lungu dribbled by compromising the entire state system.

He said there was a team of white people in the country that worked tirelessly to ensure that Mr Lungu was kicked out of office.

“Why did our intelligence system ignore the presence of these people? They were well aware of their presence and why they were in the country but they stayed quiet,” Mr Mwanza claimed.

He said the PF loss in the August election was calculated and aided by big forces that managed to compromise state systems.

And Mr Mwanza said some Western countries were bent on introducing alien practices in Zambia.

He said all they were pushing for was for Zambia to decriminalise homosexuality.

Mr Mwanza however said Zambians would never accept homosexuality.

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