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THE suspension of mukula trade is timely to ensure the sector is managed in a progress way because it is restricted to a chosen few, the Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) has said.

PSDA chairperson, Yusuf Dodia, said mukula trade was not benefitting the majority Zambians because it was going only to people of influence.

Mr. Dodia said in an interview that it was important for the government to put in place a mechanism that was equitable for every Zambian who apply for mukula trade.

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He added that a mechanism that would track the trade should also be put in place to enable the government maximise revenue from the business.

“It’s very clear the government has noted that the trade of mukula was restricted to a chosen few, it was not benefitting the people of Zambia, it was going to politicians, it was going to people of influence,” Mr. Dodia said.

He urged Government to ascertain how much mukula export had been benefitting the economy.

Mr Dodia said maximising revenue from the resource would give the government freedom to make decisions without being pushed in a corner by foreign governments who are purporting to be partners in development.

Mr. Dodia said doing so would help the government establish how much loss in terms of taxes the country has been losing.

“As you are aware, 30 per cent of the national budget is funded from external sources which means they put pressure on our economy to sometimes do things that we don’t want to do but we have to do it to get that support from outside,” he said. 

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