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A KALOMO farmer who was condemned to pay Hakainde Hichilema more than K2 million in legal costs in a matter where he sued him over land has pleaded for the President’s mercy.
Mr Misheck Hambwalula last year sued President Hichilema in the Livingstone High Court accusing him of having stolen Farm 3275 of Kalomo.
But Mr Hambwalulua lost the matter with the court in its judgement stating that he had no legal authority to sue over the farm where he is not the administrator but merely a beneficiary.
He was condemned to pay Mr Hichilema K2, 256,322.53.
In an interview, Mr Hichilema’s lawyer, Marshal Muchende said Mr Hambwalula through him has pleaded for the President’s forgiveness.
“Mr Hambwalulua is at my office trying to negotiate a deal. He wants to plead with the President to forgive him. I will forward the message to the President,” he said.
Mr Muchende has also described the execution against the President contained in the advert of the Mast newspaper as false.
“The correct position is that Misheck Hambwaulua dragged the President alleging that he had stolen farms in Kalomo from him. He lost the case and was condemned to pay the President legal costs. The President incurred over K2 million to defend his name and reputation,” he said.
“So when he failed to pay, the court sent bailiffs to his farm and that’s how they seized the animals and the Toyota land Cruiser,” he said.
He challenged those that were sponsoring Mr Hambwalulua and others to fight the President when he was in opposition to help meet the legal bills.

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