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8 UPND cadres committed to high court in murder case

By Lucy Phiri
THE eight UPND cadres who were recently rearrested after being released on a nolle prosequi have been committed to the high court for allegedly murdering two Patriotic Front (PF) members in Kanyama constituency during the 2021 election campaigns.
The eight, whose re-arrest caused commotion at the Lusaka magistrate last week, appeared for mention yesterday and the court informed them that their matter would be heard in the High Court where they would take plea.
Appearing before magistrate Racheal Mwansa was Samson Mumba, Kelvin Banda, John Mwanza, Njekwa Pukeho, Reuben Nalikana, Elijah Kawewe, John Bwalya and a 16 year old juvenile accused of murdering two PF supporters namely Danny Kasongo and David Kabunda.
It is alleged that on July 30, 2021 while jointly and acting together, the accused persons did murder Danny Kasongo and David Kabunda.
The squad has been charged with two counts of murder.
The matter has been committed to the higher court for plea.
Immediately after this the eight started shouting and asking the republican President Hakainde Hichilema to help.
With three of the accused, clad in UPND regalia, the cadres shouted and hurled insults at the police who were shepherding them into the vehicle taking them back to remand correction facility.
The cadres were also telling their family to cry in front of cameras for Bally to come and rescue them.

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