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GOVERNMENT has disagreed with UPND Lusaka Province chairman, Obvious Mwaliteta’s calls that UPND youths be given licences to trade in Mukula.

Green Economy and Environment minister, Collins Nzovu, said Government would not segregate on who gets Mukula licences based on political inclination.

Mr Nzovu said providing opportunities based on who supported the ruling UPND prior to the August 12 general elections would disadvantage Zambians.

He said even PF members were eligible and would be given the licences as long as they met the criteria that would be provided.

The minister said that political affiliation would not be a factor when giving out Mukula licences but that the law needed to be followed by all Zambians.

Mr Mwaliteta on Sunday called on the government to consider giving UPND youths Mukula licences, claiming that the trade was previously monopolised by PF ministers and senior members.

Mr Mwaliteta claimed during a media briefing that the previous regime had total control of the business and that there was need to ensure that the matter was reversed in favour of UPND youths.

And Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa said it would be folly for the UPND to only give Mukula trading licences to their own youths and people who helped them ascend to power at the expense of eligible Zambians.

He however said that the Mukula trade was just a one percent contributor and that not a lot of youths would even benefit from the programme.

“These guys need to come up with ventures that will cover everyone and not just a privileged few who had connections,” he said.

Mr Sampa said that the PF introduced fuel tankers but that it only benefitted a few individuals while the majority were left out.

He said it was a similar case with Mr Mwaliteta’s suggestion as the Mukula industry was just a drop in the ocean as only a few would benefit.

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