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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has announced that the UPND administration will wage war on corruption.
Speaking when he officially opened the first session of 13th Nation Assembly Restore, President Hichilema said that no resource would be spared in ensuring that the exercise of bringing all culprits of corruption are brought to book is undertaken.
He announced that his administration would introduce specialized fast truck, stolen Asset Recovery Mechanisms such as Courts for Corruption and Economic crimes.
He however assured that said that his administration would ensure the prevalence of the rule of law and property human rights and property for all citizens.
He said there would be no more savagery behavior by citizens.
He said no resource will be spared to ensure all corrupt elements are brought to book.
He said his administration abhorred corruption and that it would pursue zero tolerance towards any corruption.
He said his government would ensure a professional fight against corruption and that it would not interfere in the operations of investigative wings.
He stressed that he hoped there would be no complaints and misunderstandings in the fight against corruption.
He told the speaker that the country needed to gain public confidence which was lost.
And President Hichilema said his administration would not allow resources to be wasted on by-elections.
He also promised that his government would not abuse the Pubic orders Act to disadvantage the opposition but would amend and reform it.
For the youth, the President said he did not want the youth to engage in unproductive activities.
His administration would ensure it encampuses youths and women in the national supply chain of the country through supporting procurement policies.
President Hakainde said time had come to increase Zambian businesses and compete on the regional and global level, adding that He would be the chief sales man for all Zambians.
To do this, the President said that the environment for doing business would be made more enabling such as the fast and electronic registration of businesses, broad based education and skills development as well as enhancing the transport sector.
President Hakainde said he would bring order in the manner the bursary system was being managed.
He also warned that there shall be no corruption in the road sector.
He said the many measures that will created, including the launch of the Eighth National Development Plan, would create income for individuals and ultimately create income for the country.

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