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It is almost two months since Pheluna Hatembo and her brother disappeared, now her cerebral palsy afflicted 35-year-old daughter is ill, vomiting blood and pus.

The daughter, Nasilele Nyambe, was yesterday escorted to the Choma General Hospital by her elder sister Abigail who pleaded with abductors to release their mother.

The last they saw their mother was when she was bundled to Lusaka where she signed a statement condemning her lawyers for indicating an intention to appeal against a ruling that dispossessed them of their 200 hectare farm to Mr. Hakainde Hichililema.The family have since disputed the “withdrawal” of the appeal, stating that they had sat and decided to appeal against the High Court judgment.


“The disappearance of our mother has sent my already sick young sister into depression and caused her to fall into a more serious condition requiring frequent hospital visits.” first born Abigail revealed yesterday.

“From the time our mother disappeared, my sister’s condition has worsened and needs frequent hospital visits, which is very costly for me because I have no stable income.

Speaking from Choma General Hospital where she had taken her sick sister, Abigail said the family has not seen their mother for a long time and now fear for the worst.

“We haven’t seen our mother from the time she left and so I have been suffering alone taking care of my disabled sister. At the moment, we are at the hospital for urgent medical checkup because she has been vomiting pus,” said Abigail.

She explained that her sister now in her mid-30s, was struck by cerebral malaria at the age of three, which left her disabled. 

“My sister can’t walk or eat so I have brought her for urgent medical checkup at Choma General Hospital because the condition has worsened since our mother disapeared,” she said.

Abigail also revealed that from the time their mother Pheluna left she has not been communicating with them to find out about the condition of the sick daughter and wondered what has happened to their parent.

“My sister doesn’t sleep meaning she is always awake and so it means I have to also be alert at all times because I’m the only one remaining to look after her,” she said.

Abigail called on well-wishers to come to the aid of the family and assist her sister get proper medical health care. 

Pheluna and her brother Milton have been missing after they appeared in a video denouncing their own court case in which they had sued Mr Hichilema over the acquisition of their farm.

When the matter was ruled against the Hatembo because of the lapse of time, the duo were allegedly brought to Lusaka to denounce the case and further refuse to appeal the matter

More recently, their brothers, Cosmas and Emmerson Hatembo complained that they had not seen their siblings and travelled to Choma to hold a funeral for the missing duo.


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