She says UPND has resorted to violence because they know they are losing elections.Chipata.The unruly UPND cadres today hacked and damaged people’s property at intercity area in Lusaka without being provoked by anyone. The cadres who included those of the MDC, UPND and other opposition alliance members grew wings and attacked the innocent people.

The unruly cadres have caused body harms, damaged property and grabbed merchandise and money from people with Airtel and MTN booths.The behaviour by the UPND has angered His Excellency President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s running mate Professor Nkandu Luo.Prof Luo says the behaviour by the UPND and its alliance partners is uncalled for.The running mate says this kind of evil act by the UPND must not be condoned.Speaking when addressing the business community in Chipata this evening, she says the UPND officials and its sympathisers must condemn the act with the contempt it deserves.

Prof Luo says the UPND cannot continue attacking innocent people in the name of elections.She noted that just recently UPND damaged property in Mpulungu, attacked PF members who were merely conducting door to door campaigns in Namwala, Mazabuka then spread the act to Lusaka.She is angered that the UPND has again attacked innocent people in Lusaka today.”This is how a civil war start, this behaviour by UPND is uncalled.”For those who support UPND you must condemn this act,” she says.

The running mate says what is happening now has never happened in the history of Zambia.She says the UPND are doing all this because they have no message to tell the Zambian people.Prof Luo says the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is not engaging in violence ybecause it has things to tell the people of Zambia.She says the ruling party has embarked on issue based campaigns across the country.Meanwhile Prof Luo did explain the scores Government has done from 2011 to 2026.She highlighted the development done in the infrastructure, agriculture, energy, mining and many other sectors.She says the investment done in these sectors are yielding results.

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