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KELVIN Bwalya Fube (KBF) should just come back home if things are not okay for him in the UPND Alliance than throwing tantrums against Patriotic Front (PF) members, PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has said.

But Mr Bwalya said he could not “jump into a sinking boat” whose future was doomed.
In an interview, Mr Mwila said Mr Bwalya should apologise and rejoin the former ruling party if he missed being PF.

He was reacting to remarks by Mr Bwalya that he would finish and bankrupt PF if the party failed to pay monies owed to several citizens, including musicians.

Mr Mwila said Mr Bwalya should concentrate on building his alliance with UPND instead of wishing to have PF deregistered on grounds that it owed a lot

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of people millions of Kwachas when in fact not.
“Let him just concentrate on his alliance with the UPND because if he wants to join the party, let him just come quietly, apologise and join PF. How does one talk about money and at the same time urging members to leave the party? Then, he is mixing business and politics,” Mr Mwila said.
Mr Mwila said as the Chief Executive Officer of the party, he never signed any contract with the musicians.
He challenged Mr Bwalya to produce the contract that he signed with the people fe is claiming were owed by PF.

“By law, all the contracts are supposed to be signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the party, which was myself. So ask him who signed the contract. Let him produce the contract that I signed. Legally, there must be a signed contract. If that was done, then the party will pay but if the contract was not signed, how do we pay?” Mr Mwila said.

He said if Mr Bwalya was engaged as lawyer by those handling musicians to demand for payment from PF, he should not make it appear as if we are owing him because the party did not owe him anything.

“And if he is talking about recovering the money from the party, why targeting the people that are leaving the party? Those are now politics. He is mixing business and politics .He is talking about us owing the musicians, but let him prove by producing a document where I signed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Bwalya said Mr Mwila should not pretend not to know about the debts that PF owed to several people because he had written not only to him but also party national chairman Mr Samuel Mukupa.

He said that the PF owed people millions of Kwacha, warning that if they do not pay, he would personally ensure that it was made bankrupt and have it deregistered.

“Davis Mwila knows what I am talking about. The party national chairman Mr Samuel Mukupa also knows what I am talking about because they were served with letters. I do not fear anybody and I will make sure they pay or make PF bankrupt, they won’t exist,” Mr Bwalya warned.
Asked if he would rejoin PF, Mr Bwalya said there was no future in the former ruling party and he could never rejoin them.

“Even those that are still in PF should just ditch the sinking boat or else they will capsize. Lunshi wachimpwena bamushikakumo nechitumbi. The future is with us with brains and vision for Zambia. Actually, let them join us in the Zambia Must Prosper so that we can work together because most of them know how good-hearted I am,” he said.

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