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FORMER Attorney General Musa Mwenye has backed the suggestion that all judicial officers that preside over higher courts be appointed through a transparent recruitment process.

Mr. Mwenye says constitutional lawyer John Sangwa is right by suggesting that the vacant position of Zambia’s Chief Justice be advertised for qualified individuals to apply for the job.

He states that this is in fact, the modern adopted way countries are now recruiting individuals for higher positions for their Judiciary.

Speaking on ZNBC TV 1’s Sunday Interview, Mr. Mwenye however said the move should not be applied immediately.

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Mr. Mwenye said the new Chief Justice should be appointed using the old ways where the Republican President proposes and appoints an individual for ratification in Parliament.

He is of the view that after this old way of appointing a chief justice, Zambia should adopt the modern example where qualified individuals apply for the job of being the country’s Chief Justice.

Mr Mwenye said transparency of this modern recruitment process is done through televised interviews or a means where citizens have access to.
He stated that this transparent recruit process should however not be restricted to the position of Chief Justice but extended to all other higher positions in the Judiciary. – ZNBC.

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