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Dear Editor,

THERE has been an increase in criminal activities in Kanyamacompound in the recent past. The young boys commonly known as junkies have been terrorising the residents during broad daylight and at night. The older criminals are not spared either.

People are attacked by the criminals and the former are robbed of money and other valuables such as mobile phones for instance. The criminals use weapons like iron bars in attacking the victims. Some people are injured or gruesomely murdered by the criminals.

People in Kanyama are no longer enjoying peace as they can be attacked at any time and robbed of their valuables. 

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This is very unfortunate and it calls for police intervention so as to curb the escalated crime cases in the area.

Truth be said; Kanyama is also well known for alcohol abuse and drug abuse besides criminal activities.

The police station was commissioned by former President Edgar ChagwaLungu not too long ago. Essentially, the police station was commissioned to enhance security in the area but this has not been actualised as the criminal cases have continued to skyrocket.

In view of the high crime wave in Kanyama, I call upon the police to up their game in a bid to curb lawlessness insofar as criminal activities are concerned. In my considered view, I feel the police have adequate manpower to conduct night patrols and ultimately arrest the criminals that have been terrorising the residents.

It is true to mention here that the high incidents of crime in Kanyamacannot be curbed completely but, it can be mitigated.



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