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ALL ELECTRICAL fittings, plumbing, piping works and the main sewer lines and pipes have been completed at the maternity wing of the Ndeke Village Mini hospital,” Kamfinsa Member of Parliament Christopher Kang’ombe has said.

Mr Kang’ombe said the main sewer line and pipes were completed and were only awaiting installation of inspection chambers.

Mr Kang’ombe was speaking after touring the mini hospital following a directive that the Kitwe District Health Office should start sourcing and mobilising medical equipment to be installed at the maternity wing of the Mini hospital in readiness for its completion in the next four weeks.

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Mr Kang’ombe said, among the installations which had been done at the mini hospital included installation of window frames,  fitting of glasses and handles, all plumbing, taps, piping, toilets, , showers, sinks and,cisterns except piping to bath tabs.

“A number of other developments or installations have been done at the mini-hospital and we are now awaiting for the installation of inspection chambers, lamp holders, switches, sockets, fluorescent tubes.

“All plumbing works done, taps, piping, toilets, showers and sinks,cisterns except piping to bath tabs. We have also done the main sewer-line and pipes done, awaiting installation of inspection chambers,” Mr Kang’ombe said.

Mr Kang’ombe said the maternity wing was one of the critical wards which needed to be completed so that it starts to provide quality service delivery to expecting mothers.

Mr Kang’ombe said his office will continue engaging the ministries of finance and Health respectively on securing funds for the completion of other additional sections of the same Mini Hospital such as the Mortuary, Children’s Ward and theatre rooms that are under construction.

The completion of the Ndeke Village mini hospital in Kitwe has stalled from as far back as 2011 until recently when some works resumed on a snail’s pace.

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