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ALL bus drivers who were sympathising with the PF have not been allowed back into Kulima Tower bus station despite a court order allowing them to operate from there without hindrance, a representative of the drivers has revealed.

The harassment of PF-aligned drivers was escalated to the Lusaka magistrate’s court where the group had gone for a scheduled court matter.

Mr Ernest Chansa explained that the UPND-aligned bus drivers have defied the court order and government directive to allow everyone to operate in the bus station.

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He said his group members were beaten when they attempted to return to the station at Kulima Tower.

He narrated that when the UPND bus drivers were served with the court order on September 6, 2021 they refused to sign it and only signed the following day.

He complained that the suspected cadres have continued harassing drivers believed to be sympathetic to the PF.

Mr Chansa narrated that while at the Lusaka magistrate court premises some UPND cadres mobilised themselves and started waiting for them to go outside.

He explained that the suspected cadres sat on vehicles belonging to the affected drivers chanting UPND slogans and mocking them that their matter would not be heard but it will always be adjourned.

Mr Chansa said that he and his colleagues had to wait inside the court buildings for their safety as the police had not yet arrived to control the situation.

He said that the cadres who were clad in UPND regalia and others in bus drivers’ blue unions could be heard saying “akachoka mumugwile” (when he comes out apprehend him).

He said that the situation only returned to normal after the arrival of the police who dispersed the cadres.

UTUNENSU reports that the cadres had gone to show solidarity to their nine friends who were arrested for the alleged murder of two PF cadres during the 2021 campaign period.

When the UPND cadres noticed the buses of the rival camp, the started making noise threatening to sort them out.

The police who were at first outnumbered called for reinforcement to ensure that the situation did not become a full fledged riot.

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