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WE seriously warn party members against premature campaigns for the party presidency because it goes against the party’s rules and regulations, PF Secretary-General Davis Mwila has said.

Mr. Mwila said that anyone who was campaigning for the party presidency should stop because it had not yet allowed anyone to do so.

He said people could only be allowed to start campaigning for the presidency within the party when the date for a general conference was made.

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Mr. Mwila said that those who will be found campaigning will be dealt with before they could even reach the general conference.

He said party members must behave themselves by conducting themselves well because they know the rules and the party needs order.

“There is need to have order because no one has been allowed to start campaigning,” he said.

Mr. Mwila also said that people should not crucify Masaiti Member of Parliament Michael Katambo for addressing Mr. Chishimaba Kambwili as president during a party meeting in Masaiti district.

He said he talked to Mr. Katambo and he clearly explained that he never meant to endorse Mr. Kambwili when he had addressed him as president.

“Honorable Katambo never endorsed him as PF president, I personally spoke to him and he said no” he said.

Mr. Mwila said the Masaiti law maker did not address Mr. Kambwili as PF president but he addressed him in his former capacity as former National Democratic Congress (NDC) party president.

This comes after former president Mr. Edgar Lungu made it clear that he was not going to be available for the 2026 elections.

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