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Alliance partners happy with graft crusade

Alliance partners happy with graft crusade


THE ongoing UPND corruptioncrusade, is a manifesto promise which we are determined to pursue to recover public resources, says UPND Alliance spokesperson Leslie Chikuse.

He said no stone will be left unturned in the corruption fight as the vice is responsible for the suffering of the majority citizens who have to endure poverty because some people who were entrusted with the mandate to govern, decided to keep everything to themselves.

Mr Chikusesaid the UPND Alliance, while in opposition, promised the people that once voted into power, it was going to end corruption so as to save resources for development.

He said the alliance government is determined to mop up all the resources which were gotten from the people through corruption and channel it to improving the living standards of the people. “As long as you know that you stole from the people during your time in government, that loot you have will surely be recovered from you, and put to good use for the benefit of the citizens,” he said.

Mr Chikuse said those branding the fight against corruption tribal are just wasting their time, because there will be no u-turning in the graft fight as theft of public resources does not only destroy the economy but also takes away resources that otherwise could be used for development.

He wondered why some individuals want to bring tribalism to the corruption crusade when they are well aware that those who embezzled public money through corrupt deals did not do so on behalf of their tribesmen but for their own selfish interests.

Mr Chikusesaid the country is in urgent need of development and for the new dawn government to achieve that, all stolen resourcesshould be recovered and put to good use.

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