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Damaged Chambeshi rail bridge costs TAZARA $1m monthly loss

THE Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA) is losing over $1 million per month following the extensive damage of the Chambeshi rail bridge.

TAZARA managing director, Bruno Tandeo Ching’andu said following accident that happened at the bridge in May this year, the movement of passenger and goods trains has been restricted resulting in loss of income.
He was speaking during the tour of the Chambishi rail bridge by Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali,
Mr Ching’andu said the main objective of management is to turn around TAZARA and make it viable.

He said the company is glad that Government through a presidential directive to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics is moving to resolve the problem so that the operations are normalised.
Mr Ching’andu said TAZARA is not only important to Zambia and Tanzania, but also to the entire Eastern and Southern African regions in terms of transportation of goods.

He said the damaged bridge at the Chambeshi River should be repaired soon as it connects the SADC countries to East Africa, an important trading partner of the region.

Mr Ching’andu explained that the bridge was damaged when the driver of the train failed to stop after a derailment.
He said following the extensive damage to the bridge, the trains are stopping in Kasama where the road transportation is taking over the movement of goods.

Mr Ching’andu also explained that because of the affected operations, the road transport has been overwhelmed with traffic as the number of trucks has increased.

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