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UPND must apologise to Ndambo – Miles

THE UPND should swallow their pride and apologise to Zambia’s South African business tycoon and philanthropist, James Ndambo for forcing him to cease operations of his charitable organisation, My Home Town (MHT) Zambia after being frustrated because of his generosity, Miles Sampa has demanded.

Mr Sampa is of the strong belief that Mr Ndambo, the founder of MHT Zambia, domiciled in Choma was politically harassed for hosting the most prestigious beauty pageant in Choma in the country’s history.

Mr Sampa, the Matero Patriotic Front Member of Parliament said the raiding and seizure of seven motor vehicles was t uncalled for and traumatising to his business and emotions for he was treated like a stranger in his own country.

He said in an interview that it was most unfortunate that the country still entertained the attitude of pulling each other down even in matters that were centred on the development of the country.

“It is most unfortunate that in Zambia, we are good at pulling each other down. Mr. Nbambo is one of us who is trying to give back to Zambia, his own country. If anything, what the UPND government should do is apologise to Mr. Ndambo for how they treated him so that he comes back to Zambia,” Mr Sampa said.

Mr Sampa said it was sad that the country failed to embrace Mr Ndambo as its own and was now losing out on the planned investment which he was taking somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the Green Party and the Golden Party Zambia are pleading with Mr Ndambo to reconsider his decision to suspend operation of MHT Zambia because many Zambians were beneficiaries of his philanthropy.

Mr Jackson Silavwe, the GPZ president observed that the decision by Mr. Ndambo would negatively affect the poor people who were benefitting from his charity works. Meanwhile, Mr Peter Sinkamba of the Green Party pleaded with Mr. Ndambo to think about the people who would suffer if he succumbed to political pressure.


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