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Detained Chama’s case fails to take off

Detained Chama’s case fails to take off


Former defence minister Davis Chama’s attempted murder case failed to take off yesterday after the police delayed to deliver the docket to National Prosecution Authority (NPA).
Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube said he was shocked by the laisser-faire attitude by the police who took things too casual.

Mr Ngulube said that the police refused to give Mr Chama and his co-accused Brian Nyoni bond meaning they were to remain in custody.
He said that he was not sure when they would appear again because that was the prerogative of the National Prosecution Authority.

‘’Not sure when the hearing will be because it is the NPA that is going to decide, so we just have to wait for their guidance,’’ he said.

Mr Ngulube insisted that the police needed to heed the President’s directive of not keeping people in custody for more than 48 hours without charging or taking them to court.

He said having charged the duo the police should have released them on bond awaiting court appearances.

He however said the two were in high spirits and that they were not shaken by their incarceration and intimidation by the police.

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