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Don’t Politicise the Health system, SAYS Chanda


Government should not gamble and politicise the health system of the country because it will have serious consequences on Zambians, former Health Minister Dr Jonas Chanda has said.

Dr Chanda said there was need for Government to ensure that they quickly restocked the hospitals with medicines because a number of people risked dying as a result.

He said that the move by government to audit the acquisition at the Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZMMSA) was not prudent and that it would have costly consequences.

“My appeal is that Government should not politicise this issue and should ensure that they deal with this matter once and for all before the issue escalates,” he said.

And Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) president Brian Sampa said the statement by Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo that government would re-advertise the recruitment of Health workers was alarming and costly.

Dr Sampa said that the ministry needed to appease people but being factual about what was happening on the ground.

He said politicians needed not to pretend as if they answers with everything and that it was clear that government did not have funds to add money for degree holders.

Dr Sampa said that the current advert left out some professionals with degrees and this means they would have to alter the figures and such a decision could only be made after consultation.

“The ministry of health is not the employer but they have to consult the civil service commission should be the ones to come up with such statements,” he said.

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