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A 39-YEAR-OLD man of Namwala District has complained in the Choma magistrate court how he has spent six months in custody without him being tried.

This is in case where  the named man is charged with  incest contrary to section 159 (1) of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia as read together with act number 15 of 2005 and Act No of 2 of 2011.

Particulars of the offence are that on an unknown date but between the month of October and March 2021 in Choma, unlawfully had carnal knowledge of a girl   knowing her to be his daughter.

“Your honor, I have been remanded for six months now and I feel it’s unfair because no progress has been made in my case, I don’t know how you can assist me”   Lweendo said.

And Resident magistrate Selia Kanunka explained that the court had not yet received instructions from the Director of public Prosecutions to proceed with his case.

Magistrate Kanunka also asked the accused why he had not met his bail explaining that she had given him bail  after considering that he had been remanded for long.

“I informed my relatives about the bail, but no one has come through to help me,”  Lweendo said.

Magistrate Kanunka has since adjourned the Matter to November 30, 2021 for another mention and remains remanded in custody until he meets his bail conditions.

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