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FORMER Defence Minister Davies Chama is today expected in court in Sesheke for his attempted murder case. He is also Patriotic Front deputy national chairman. Mr Chama and his co accused Brian Nyoni have been in police custody for the past 10 days without bail or police bond.

 Their lawyer, Mr Tutwa Ngulube said the two were expected in court today and were in high spirits. Mr Ngulube said he was hoping that the two would be granted bail because the offence they had been accused of was bailable.

He said that from the time the two were picked up, they had not appeared in court because the police had delayed in handing the docket to the National Prosecution Authority (NPA).

“I’m hoping that today, they are going to be given bail because they have been in custody for 10 days,” Mr Ngulube said. Mr Chama and Mr Nyoni are accused of attempted murder of Mr Mushaukwa Mushaukwa who was shot during a by- election in Mulobezi in 2015.

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