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AN ANTI Corruption officer has narrated to the court how she was allegedly baptized with insults as she was conducting her search with fellow officers at Amos Chanda’s residence in Woodlands
Lomthunzi Bili , 34, an investigative officer of Lusaka said Ruth Nakaundi, Chanda’s sister-in-law showered her with insults as they were conducting the search.

She said on October 27, 2021 she was tasked together with her supervisor Friday Tembo, and other ACC officers to conduct a search at Amos Chanda’s residence.

The officers included Friday Tembo, Christopher Siwakwi, Paul Hatakwati, Clement Chansa, Swethen Lusaka, Alpha Pande, Mboniwe Banda, Milimo Ngandu, Neta and William Chilufya.

She told the court that the first house they searched was in Kabulonga number 23B Serbal Road , and when they reached there they were informed that Chanda’s family no longer lives there but another gentleman gave them permission to enter and indeed they verified that it had no curtains and furniture and they proceeded to Njobe farm where they believed Chanda had property.

‘’Before arriving, the team was split into two and the team that went to Mr Chanda in state lodge were Alpha Mpande, Milimo Ngandu and Paul Hatakwati, the rest of the officers went to the property in Njobe. The Njobe team managed to search the place and the farm manger signed the contemporaneous form,’’ she said.

The team then went to join the other team in State Lodge area and they were told that the owner of the house was Bernadatte Deka and family.

The supervisor told Ms Deka why they were there and she signed the search warrant and whilst the search was going on Amos Chanda was shouting on top of his voice saying idiots, criminals and corrupt, questioning who sent them and saying they were corrupt.

The ACC officer said after they finished their search at Ms Deka’s house they proceeded to Woodlands house number 67 Elm Road where they identified the property and believed it was Amos Chanda’s residence .

The officer said at around 18.30 Mr Chanda came to the property in the company of two gentlemen. The team of officers entered the premises and began the search, and immediately she saw accused Ruth Nakaundi, storm through the small gate like someone was chasing her and saw her raising her middle fingers and could tell that there was tension on the ground.

‘’ At around 22:00 I was invited to go and search a particular room and found the door locked and was told they had no access to the keys so the officers broke the lock. Ruth insisted that only females could go into the room, and she turned to me and said ‘’ efyo mwalamona mukati mushipe pantu naifwe tatwingilamo’’ ( whatever you see in this room just be strong because we have no access to it too), a statement which made my body chill, ‘’ she said.

She narrated that they were told to enter the room while facing backwards as Ruth led the

team in the room facing her back backwards.
‘’ I was gripped with fear but I still carried on as is my duty to my great nation. The men were told to remain behind and she further instructed that we close our eyes, which we did.

She also ordered her sister to close her eyes and that we should open slowly. Ruth then took a certain bag and spat saliva inside the bag and said search kabili efyo mukonkele, elo nga mukashibuka mailo, mukashibuka impofu’’ meaning here is the bag, you search, we will see if you will see light tomorrow or be blind.

She kept spiting saliva on things while praising herself saying ninebo namate mate meaning ( I spit and spit) and through the entire process she kept insulting.

Chanda has been charged with One Count of Using Insulting Language contrary to Section 179 of Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, and One Count of Obstruction Contrary to Section 63 (c) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012 while Mrs. Chanda and Miss Nakaundi are jointly charged with One Count of using Insulting Language and one Count of Obstruction.

The matter is coming up for ruling December 13, 2021.
Police bond for the accused has been extended.

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