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THE PF has to stand united and retain the current leadership to withstand UPND’s assault, manifested through the ongoing nullifications of seats, PF Parliamentary Chief Whip, Stephen Kampyongo has said.

Mr Kampyongo said most PF MPs whose seats were at the verge of being nullified were not capable of defending themselves.

He warned that if members act precipitately at this time, the future of the party would be adversely affected.

Mr Kampyongo urged PF members calling for an early convention to be patient and allow the dust to settle.

And Chilubi MP Mulenga Fube said there were hired guns in PF that were plotting a coup by usurping the powers of the central committee and pushing for an extraordinary convention that would see the ushering of an illegal new executive.

Mr Fube wondered why some members were busy calling for a convention when the central committee of the party had guided on the matter and provided a time frame which was June 2022.

He said it was unfortunate that people were preoccupied with who should take over the party when there were a number of seats that risked being nullified.

“Can you imagine we are busy fighting on who takes over the party instead of focusing on how we are going to save the seats that have been petitioned by the ruling UPND,” he said.

Mr Fube said calls by certain individuals that they were not consulted on the issue of the post-mortem was misguided as the central committee was still intact and that they did not have to consult anyone.

He said that the problem was that most people wanted to enrich themselves that was why they wanted to usher in people that they knew would promote hooliganism.

Mr Fube said that most people that were agitating the party activities were not even in good standing.

“Most of these people causing problems had either left the party or were not in good standing, which is very unfortunate,” he said.

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