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Socialist Party backs Lusambo, Malanji in polls


The socialist party has pledged to support former Kabushi Member of parliament Bowman Lusamba and former Kwacha member of parliament Joe Malanji in the forthcoming by-election slated for September 15, 2022.

Socialist Party President Dr. Fred M’membe said the central committee of the party yesterday decided to support Mr. Malanji because they feel he was unfairly treated and they do not agree with the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Dr. M’membe said it was good they were not the only ones who disagreed with the decision because a judge of the Constitutional Court does not agree with the decision as well.

“It’s an unfair decision, unjust and a decision that is not humane,” he said.

He said they know there were attempts to prevent Mr. Malanji from contesting but would maintain their decision come what may.

Dr. M’membe also said that they also resolved to support Mr Lusambo in Kabushi because they know that there had been attempts to squeeze him at all cost and in every aspect of his life.

“There must be justice and justice without compassion is barbarism,” he said.

He said they had directed their party structure in those constituencies to mobilise and campaign for Mr Malanji and Mr Lusambo.

Dr. M’membe also cautioned people not to take their pledged support to the candidates as an alliance with the Patriotic Front because they were not supporting the party but only these two individuals so that they could reclaim their seats.

He said they made this decision based on their principle and as such they were not going to field candidates in these by-elections.

Dr. M’membe said they know there were attempts to charge the two with unbailable offences such as murder and stealing of cars so that they could not contest the election, saying, this was injustice that they do not support.

He said they understand that it would benefit their party to have a seat in Kabushi and in Kwacha but they could not do it at the expense of justice.

Meanwhile Socialist Party secretary general Dr Cosmas Musumali said that they had credible people that they would have   fielded in this particular by-election but their principles do not allow it because they were not opportunists.

And Dr. M’Membe said their support was unconditional and they were not demanding for any in return.    

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