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No political party for James Ndambo


PHILANTHROPIST and Zambia’s South African businessman James Ndambo has dispelled rumours that he has formed a political party under the name United Democratic Front (UDF) and that he would be a presidential candidate in the 2026 general elections.

Sources close to the My Home Town (MHT) founder and owner of Africa Union Holdings Group have told the Daily Nation that Mr Ndambo has had no political ambitions and that his only interest was to serve humanity through charity.

The sources have stated that Mr Ndambo was not going into politics and any assertions that he was planning to join politics were nothing but malicious propaganda by those whose interest was to pit him against the state.

They said the propaganda was being sponsored by some elements whose motive was to antagonise the My Home Town founder with authorities and that he was not ready to fall for such cheap lies against him.

They described the rumours and speculations as base and rubbish propaganda against a man who had worked hard to complement the effort of government by helping communities especially those who were vulnerable.

“Kindly take note that Mr James Ndambo has not formed any political party in Zambia and he has no intentions of ever establishing one. He is in business and his desire is to help the needy and he is doing so in consultation with government.

“Those peddling rumours that he has formed a political party are just being malicious and their propaganda is base. He will continue helping communities and complementing the government in delivering social, health and education services to communities,” one of the sources said.

The sources said Mr Ndambo was happy with government that he had been cleared of any wrong doing when the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) released all the seven motor vehicles that it seized on suspicion that they were acquired through proceeds of crime.

Recently, the DEC released all the seven motor vehicles that were seized during the raid at his properties soon after he had hosted the most prestigious beauty pageant in Choma last month.

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