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THE stalled Kafulafuta dam water project has been hit by rampant vandalism and contractors of the stalled project have expressed concern that the vice may reverse the works which were done before the project was halted.

And Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company (KWSC) Director of Engineering Bernard Phiri said rampant vandalism at the stalled Kafulafuta dam project was retrogressive and urged various stakeholders to support the water utility company in fighting the vice.

Some contractors of the stalled water project said vandalism has been rampant especially after the project was halted and so it was important that government sourced funds to complete the Kafulafuta project which included Mpongwe, Masaiti and Luanshya.

Mr Sydney Bwanga of Down Town Investments said Government should consider looking for the US$126 million to complete the Kafulafuta water project which will help to improve water supply in the three districts. Mr Bwaanga was speaking on Monday during the tour of various sites in Ndola’s Minsundu and Kafulafuta areas where valves and other installations have been either stolen or vandalised.

Mr Bwanga, whose company was working on mid-way to Makoma dam, said vandals have taken advantage of the stalled project to vandalise valves and other installations thereby reversing or taking back the project.

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He said rampant vandalism of the project had resulted in contractors losing a lot of money with some losing an average of US$20, 000 hence it was important that money for the project was sourced so that the contractors could resume works on site.

“Because the project has stalled, vandals have found it easy to steal and vandalise valves and other water installations. If the project resumes, levels of vandalism and thefts will reduce.

“This project once completed would supply water to millions of people in Mpongwe, Masaiti and Luanshya.  It will greatly benefit the people of the Copperbelt. It has a lot of benefits both direct and indirect,’’ Mr Bwaanga said.

Mr Bwaanga said, before the project stalled, the contractors employed local people hence the project was providing a source of income for them.

And speaking earlier, Mr Phiri said rampant vandalism at the stalled Kafulafuta dam project and other water installations was retrogressive.

Mr Phiri said whenever the water utility company suffered vandalism or theft of water installations, water supply to some areas was affected and so it was important that people joined efforts to curb the rampant vandalism.

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