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MCCs reshuffle needed – MP

MCCs reshuffle needed – MP
THERE is need to change some members of the PF central committee because they cost the party leadership, says Chilubi MP Mulenga Fube.
Mr Fube in an interview said that the party needed to carry out an audit and remove some central committee members whose contributions were not sufficient and led to the party being kicked out of power.
He said that trends had changed and that there was need to bring in fresh ideas that could foster the party to greater heights.
Mr Fube said that he was not calling for a complete overhaul but just a few people needed to be reshuffled for the sake of continuity of the party.
“The MCC body needs surgery to bring in people with tact and intellectual capacity that will resonate with what the people of Zambia were looking for,” he said.
He also said that those that were vying for positions in the party needed to be careful and not bring divisions.
Mr Fube said there was no harm in being ambitious but that there was need to refrain from hooliganism.
He said people needed to introspect and weigh themselves, ask questions like, “did they have influence and would they sell the party?
Mr Fube warned all those that were pushing for an early convention to stop because the party needed to study what their opponents were doing and come up with strategies which would help the party bounce back.
“We need to ensure that we heal from the defeat at the hands of the UPND which most of us did not expect before we start thinking about who should take over,” he said.
Mr Fube said what was important at the moment was to remain united and not concentrate on the leadership as there was need to give the former head of State Edgar Chagwa Lungu some respect as he was still healing.

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