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Hakainde Hichilema is the architect of UPND looting, damage to property and beating of innocent people as attested by his silence, says Ephraim Belemu.

Mr Belemu, who is former UPND Mbabala lawmaker, said as one aspiring to lead the country, Mr Hichilema should have not kept quiet over the destruction of goods for innocent traders caused by party supporters during the road show campaign in Lusaka.

He said in an interview that Mr Hichilema would have immediately condemned the lawlessness whether it was coming from the UPND supporters or not because the act affected innocent citizens who were not even in the political arena.

The former MP said Mr Hichilama’s silence contradicts his message of liberating Zambia because one does not start by destroying people he wants to liberate.

“Those people who sell on the roadside that is their livelihood, he was supposed to immediately apologise whether it was UPND true supporters or not involved in the destruction and also compensate them because that is their hard-earned money,

“So, you cannot be pretending to be liberating people whom you are destroying first of all,” he said.

Mr Belemu wondered at what stage the UPND leader would emancipate Zambians economically as he claims when he has allowed his party members to be destructive even to small businesses.

He said Mr Hichilama’s silence renders his economic emancipation song meaningless and at the same time brings out his selfish motives for Zambia.

“His silence speaks volumes, anyone who does not speak when there is destruction, it tells you of what is in their minds. You can pretend for as long as it is possible but eventually it will show up and I think that these are the signs that some things are showing up,” he said.

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