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Nkombo rubbishes national day of prayers


LOCAL Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo yesterday rubbished the Day of National Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation, saying that it was set aside by pretenders. 

He said the day of prayer was just a wastage of man hours without any significance to the Christion values. 

Debating the motion to urge government to introduce National heritage and Cultural week, moved by Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda, Mr Nkombo said he always prays to God.

He said he did not see the reason why the PF then in government set  18 of October as a Day of prayer, fasting and reconciliation when the same people refused to reconcile with anyone. 

Mr Nkombo mocked the PF that they used the day to pretend to be holy than others. “If you ask them today, who they reconciled with on that day, they will tell you that, no one.” 

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He said the motion was flat because the country has already days that deserve celebrating such as the Independence Day. 

Mr Nkombo also said he could not support the motion because he is aware that PF strives on wasting man hours.

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