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No attacks on PF, let’s co-exist, says Potiphar Tembo

THERE is no need for vengeful attacks on PF members by UPND youths, let us coexist as one big family, the party’s Chawama Constituency parliamentary aspirant Potiphar Tembo has said.
Mr Tembo urged UPND youths in Chawama to continue being peaceful and coexist with PF members.
He said in an interview that President Hakainde Hichilema’s directive to the UPND not to revenge the wrongs that might have been done to them by the PF when they were in power must be heeded.
Mr Tembo was reacting to brutal attacks on PF members by some UPND youths seeking to revenge the wrongs that were done on them.
He however expressed happiness that most of the UPND youths were peaceful and heeding President Hichilema’s directive.
Mr Tembo said despite there being some “bad eggs” disobeying the guidance not to retaliate against the PF, most of the UPND youths were peaceful.
He said there was no need to fight the PF despite the wrongs that they might have committed against UPND youths.
Mr Tembo said any criminality that might have been committed must be left in the hands of the police.
“Right now, we are happy there is peace. We don’t want anything else. Here in Chawama, our youths are peaceful and that’s why we are not hearing anything bad. Let’s keep it this way,” he said.
Mr Tembo also expressed happiness that the cadres have heeded President Hichilema’s directive to stay away from markets and bus stations.

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