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UPND ascension to power based on lies – Wynter

UPND ascension to power based on lies – Wynter


THE UPND won the August 12 general elections by chance and their ascension to power was through cheating, Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba has said.

Mr Kabimba said the UPND’s promises would bury the party because Zambians who were very expectant had been left deflated as the promises had not been fulfilled.

He said that Zambians made a mistake by voting out the Patriotic Front (PF) because they thought the UPND were angels but to the contrary and things had even become worse in the UPND regime.

“The reason UPND formed government was because they were angry with the PF, a similar scenario in 1991 when people voted out UNIP but were shocked that they were dribbled by the MMD,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said that when people are fatigued with a regime they tend to act and in this instance we ended up with a worse regime because they voted out of anger hence not making rational decisions.

Meanwhile, Mr Kabimba said that corruption and tribalism contributed the downfall of the PF and the other aspect was that caderism which became uncontrollable.

He said the PF had become a bad regime which agitated most Zambians who expressed their anger through the ballot.

Mr Kabimba said that he could not go back to the PF because the party would never bounce back to power.

He said that a World Bank study indicated that it was difficult for a party to bounce back in office once it lost power. 

Mr Kabimba said the main reason he was hounded out of the PF was that he had written a memo warning individuals in the party to stop collecting money from stations which some senior members of the party took advantage of and sponsored an uprising.

Meanwhile, Mr Kabimba said the RP decided to work with the PF because the party did not have the required qualifications after the controversial ruling by the ConCourt.

He however said the union was over just after the results were announced and that the two were now working as separate entities.

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