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Some tips for UPND youths

Dear Editor,

UPND guys the day you will meet Bally, three things should happen in two minutes.  Don’t fight for nshima or drinks.

1. Kneel or show great respect.  Whisper to him, Sir, “our graduates are still dying of hunger, no jobs sir.  And our students are waiting for their promised meal allowances. 

2. Propose a future.  Sir, can I bring our CVs?  We have degrees and can work in any ministry or foreign service.

3. Talk about empowering others. Sir, can we form youth cooperatives and employ 200 youths then we get fuel tankers, buses and government support for cooperatives from the Ministry of Sports?

Don’t ask for free money like some of his supporters are expecting. A President can only speak to you in minutes so be ready with your main proposal as you meet him. 

Don’t use that opportunity to destroy others. Use it to build your friends.

We are giving UPND youths and members serious business ideas here but most of them have no eyes to see.


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