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‘Women face tough time in politics’


WHILE women have made significant inroads into politics in recent years, their involvement has spurred attacks, intimidation and harassment in many parts of the country, former Sinazongwe Council Chairperson aspiring candidate for August 12, general elections Gloria Putukah has said.

Ms  Putukah, who was the only female among seven males seeking adoption, has observed that women have continued to face challenges in the political sphere due to such.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation in Livingstone, Ms Putukah said it was unfortunate that females are the most vulnerable gender in terms of having a fair share on the political space.

Ms Putukah said paving the way for more women in the political, business, and civic arena is an investment in more just, equitable, and peaceful societies.

She said unfortunately in Zambia, women are still sidelined, bullied and disadvantaged in the electoral process especially during adoptions.

Ms Putuka said this is the more reason why today, the country has fewer women in parliament, mayors and councilors.

“What I have found out is that there is no transparency in the adoption process and  there is a lot of biasness, intimidation, bullying and violence targeting women who want to compete with their male counterparts. So, it is not something which is easy for a woman and women fear to be cyber bullied,” she said.

She said, according to her experience, there is a lot cyber bullying in politics and for someone who has no courage, they would easily quit and stay back.

“Women lack self-esteem and if they are discouraged then they cannot participate in politics. For me I have been in politics for a long time since 2011 and I am determined,” she said

“It is high time women rose up and claimed their space in the political arena. We need to come together, put our heads together and support each other,” Ms Putukah said. 

“There is this issue of women in politics but when you look at the scenario in Zambia, only few political parties adopt women and most positions are occupied by males… So, that is the big challenge we have,” she said.

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