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A LAWYER, Kelvin Zimba has sued Government in the Lusaka High Court demanding the quashing of a mandatory Covid-19 exercise as it is an infringement on human rights.

Mr Zimba in his petition seeks a declaration that the pronouncement made by Health Minister Sylvia Masebo on November 28, this year demanding that all persons entering public buildings and public service workers must be vaccinated against Covid-19 and produce proof of such vaccination, is in breach of the constitution and is therefore void and of no effect.

He is also seeking an order that the said pronouncement be quashed.

Mr Zimba, a legal practitioner at Messrs Mosha and Company Legal Practitioners, has cited the Attorney General and the Health Minister as first and second respondents in the petition.

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He stated that he will be deprived of his personal liberty as he will not be free to access Government buildings such as the Court, Police stations, ministry of Lands, PACRA, Mines among others unless he provides proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

Mr Zimba stated that the pronouncement is in breach of article 19(1) as it hinders his right to freedom of conscience, thought and belief by making it mandatory for him to get vaccinated to access public buildings and to work.

“The petitioner and a small fraction of society have been discriminated against by a decree that coerces them to take the Covid-19 vaccine to access Government buildings where they work and make their ends meet from,” he stated.

He contended that it was unfair for Government to make such pronouncement when there was no scientific evidence to prove that the vaccine can stop the spread of the virus as studies were still ongoing and seemly suggest that the vaccines only increases one’s chances of survival.

“The petitioner believes that the public interest in safeguarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual far outweigh the currently perceived public interest of using the vaccines to stop the spread of Covid-19 as there is no guarantee on effectiveness and the vaccines pose their own risks and threats on humanity,” Mr Zimba stated.

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