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THE Catholic Church in Lusaka is at liberty to accept support from the State to cushion the impact on the people, Archbishop of Lusaka Bishop Alick Banda has said.

Bishop Banda said he was stunned and puzzled by the proposal that the State should not help its vulnerable simply because it was an election year.

Bishop Banda however said within the circumscription of the Archdiocese of Lusaka, which was under his jurisdiction, the laity and their pastors were at liberty to accept support from the State.

He said he had reflected and consulted with the management team on the decision.

“This is not negotiable,” Bishop Banda said.

He said the school of thought that the State could only take care of its citizenry, especially the vulnerable outside the year of elections was false.

“I believe that the State has a duty to support its citizenry in and out of season, and especially when the need is great, like today because of Covid-19. 

“It is common knowledge that Covid-19, despite being a health hazard, it has had very wide-ranging effects on the economy, business, social and cultural life not only of our people but the whole world.  And this has caused heightened economic challenges especially on our people,” Bishop Banda said.


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