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Chishimba Kambwili stands a chance of being PF President because the constitution can be amended through the general conference to relax the conditions for candidates wishing to contest the party presidency.
According to former PF Secretary-General Davis Mwila, Article 71 of the PF Constitution allows amendments to be done through the general conference or an extraordinary conference to change the status quo.
He said Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba was right that only a member of the party who had continuously been a member for five years, qualified as a candidate for the presidency.
Mr Mwila said the party constitution may be amended by the general conference provided that a notice of the proposed amendment had been circulated to members of the central committee not less than one month before the conference.
He said once the proposed amendment is done, it is subsequently approved by a two-thirds majority at the general conference.
“Normally, the constitution of the party can be amended at the general conference every after five years or through an extraordinary general conference. From the time PF was formed under President Michael Sata, very few amendments have been done.
“That is why that clause still stands, that whoever wants to contest the presidency must be a member of the party continuously for five years. So what we are saying is that if anyone has not served as a party member continuously for five years, he or she does not qualify. And this clause only applies to the office of the party president,” Mr Mwila said.
Mr Mwila also clarified that PF will hold an elective conference in June 2022, and not the general or an extraordinary conference.
“It will be an elective conference. It will be specifically to elect a new party president who will take over from Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and not any other positions,” he said.

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