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Anti-Bemba plot exposed

CONTINUED attacks on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and former Finance minister, Alexander Chikwanda by some unscrupulous people are aimed at dividing the Bemba vote, Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has said.
He said the attacks were all schemes of the United Party for National Development to secure victory in 2021.
Mr Sampa said it was irresponsible to attack the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu for merely advising his subjects on governance issues.
He said in an interview that the Paramount Chief was within his rights to advise his citizens to vote in numbers and that attacks on him were aimed at dividing the Bemba vote.
“All the Paramount Chief did was advising us as his subjects to be United and take governance issues especially voting seriously, “Mr Sampa said.
Mr Sampa said those attacking Mwenilubemba were sponsored by the opposition UPND to divide the Bemba vote.
“We are know what the UPND is doing and all these attacks on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu are aimed at dividing the Bemba vote so that the UPND can get an upper hand through Southern Province,” Mr Sampa said.
Mr Sampa said there was nothing wrong with what Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said to his subjects and that those attacking him are merely advancing the UPND tribal agenda.
He said it was unfortunate that some tribal elements are using Mwenilubemba’s sentiments to advance the UPND agenda of dividing the Bemba vote from Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Provinces.
Mr Sampa however said the agenda by UPND to divide the Bemba vote will have no effect because Zambians are aware that they do not mean well for the country.
“The Paramount Chief Chitimukulu did not say anything wrong and those that are attacking him to divide Bembas are just wasting their time especially that Bembas are now more United than ever before,”The Kasama lawmaker said.
Mr Sampa said attacking Chitimukulu will not an effect on the Bemba vote as people have resolved to support PF and President Edgar Lungu.
And Mr Sampa says attacks targeted at Former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda that he contracted more debts than any other finance minister are part of a scheme to alienate some prominent Bembas from voters.
Mr Sampa said Mr Chikwanda did not borrow money for his pocket but the national development.


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