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2022 is a transformation year, remain focused, UPND urges citizens


Zambians  should remain focused and not pay attention to frustrated politicians peddling lies about the new administration, the  ruling UPND in Southern Province has said.

UPND Southern Province spokesperson Neto Halwabala has observed that there is need for citizens to take time to appreciate what President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration were doing.

Mr Halwabala has told the Daily Nation that citizens need to know and appreciate the efforts being made by the UPND government in transforming the country’s development agenda.

‘As UPND in the Southern Province, we want to urge the citizenry to be focused and not to pay attention to frustrated political criminals assaulting freedom of speech and peddling insults on the Presidency,” he said.

He said that the future for Zambia is bright and no Zambian  is to be left behind under the UPND.

“We shall not allow or sit idle to see frustrated political criminals insulting the President. As a province, we have so far noticed some opposition leaders trying so hard to divert people’s attention on the Hakainde Hichilema’s government of fixing the broken economy,” Mr Halwabala said.

He added that this is also in a bid to provoke the youths to react.

“Our message to the police is to work professionally and cage those assaulting freedom of speech,” Mr Halwabala said. He said that government’s efforts to mobilize resources for retirees, salary increment for civil servants, the increment of CDF, free education in all government schools from grade 1 to 12, social cash transfer, money for farmers and resources to employ 30,000 and 11,000 in education and health respectively are clear indications that the new dawn government will turn around this country’s economy without hesitation.

He said that it was unfortunate that some politicians are annoyed and uncomfortable with how the UPND was managing the country resulting into insulting the President.

“We therefore, urge our youths in the province to position themselves not only for white collar jobs but for business opportunities which will be created as a result of CDF which is in all the constituencies,” he said.

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