‘Coach Chinama is safe’ – as Zambia Army commander Alubuzwi remains confident


GREEN Buffaloes sponsors, the Zambia Army says it will not make changes to the Green Buffaloes technical bench led by head coach Justine Chinama despite the team’s failure to win a game from the last eight games of the MTN/FAZ Super League.

Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Sitali Dennis Alubuzwi said the command does not want to disturb the team as it fights to compete in the league.

Alubuzwi is confident that struggling Buffaloes will recover from the poor run to qualify for the CAF Club championships.

In an interview, Alubuzwi said it is unfortunate that Buffaloes have endured a difficult phase due to fatigue caused by vigorous training conducted before the league kicked off.

Alubuzwi said resorting to the old system of playing long balls which break the field into three, has affected Buffaloes who have gone eight games without a win since their 2-1 win over Konkola Blades in November last year.

He said the army is still hopeful that Buffaloes will begin to perform well after the meeting which addressed the challenges the team may be facing.

“I addressed the team when I saw them going down and reminded them that we have to play as a team with or without the ball, when in attack and in defence. 

“We have done our best. We may be limited in terms of resources but so far we have administered the team as best as we can as the army and mind you they are soldiers first and foremost so their oath of allegiance is to perform as military men but the ups and downs should not really worry us. I’m very positive that the team will pick up,” Alubuzwi said.

He reminded the players to start performing as the military men they are while reaffirming the Army’s commitment to continue supporting the team in both good and bad times.

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