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Court commits baby into foster care


A 22-YEAR-OLD single mother in Choma has given up her 16-month-old baby into foster care.

This is Ms Otilia Mubanga of Kamunza compound agreed in the Choma magistrate court with the juvenile inspector who asked the court to commit the baby into foster care.

The single mother told the court that she had failed to provide basic needs for her baby due to her poor health which has made it difficult for her to continue working as a hair dresser.

Ms Mubanga told the court that she had failed to get any help from her relatives who are based in Ndola as they did not do anything about her situation after contacting them.

“Like the juvenile inspector said, I cannot rightfully take care of my baby so he can be committed for now until I am able to work and provide for him,” said Ms Mubanga.

Choma Social Welfare Juvenile Inspector Skywell Sianjalika told the court that he made a home inspection of where Ms Mubanga lived and established that she lived in a one-room rented house where she slept on the floor without acceptable beddings.

“Your honuor, I did not see any food or sign of cooking which also prompted me to interview neighbours who confirmed that she is in bad health and could not find proper food,” said Mr Sianjalika. 

He explained that he learnt that Ms Mubanga had moved from the Copperbelt after the death of mother and hoped to live with her brother who also died and has no relatives in Choma.

He disclosed that the whereabouts of the baby’s father are unknown.

After considering the testimony of the mother and the juvenile inspector, Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Mungala ordered that the child be committed to care and bonded at Children’s Nest Orphanage in Choma.

He explained that this will give the mother time to regain her health and be stable financially.

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