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Sisters dragged to court for assault


TWO sisters have denied assaulting a woman in what seems as “bad blood” after learning that one of them was in a relationship with the same man as the complainant.

This is in a matter where Brenda Mbao and Benita Moonga both of Chandamali compound in Choma appeared for defence before Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Mungala in the Choma Magistrate Court.

It is alleged that on December 27, 2021 Brenda Mbao and Benita Moonga assaulted Ms Mutinta Chiipapa using pan bricks thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm. 

The first accused person, Brenda Mbao told the court that she was sleeping around 02:00 hours at Choma New Day Lodge which is the time the assault allegedly happened.

She explained that after waking up the following morning, she was surprised seeing vigilantes who were asking them about assaulting the complainant, Ms Chiipapa.

However in cross examination with the state, Mbao agreed she had known Ms Chiipapa for two months and disclosed that she knew was in a relationship with the complainant’s boyfriend.

And the second accused person, Moonga denied assaulting the complainant saying she was with the sister’s boyfriend on the material day.

Moonga said she was only later apprehended by the vigilantes after they told her that Mbao was in hospital as she claimed she was beaten by Ms Chiipapa.

Moonga told the court that Ms Chiipapa did not know the people who assaulted her as she only gave the vigilantes descriptions of the accused persons.

 Magistrate Mungala adjourned the case to January 28, 2022 for continuation of trial while Mbao and Moonga remained remanded in custody.]


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